Barbados is a sovereign island country located in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. It is known around the world for having a strong educational system and a literacy rate near 100 percent, one of the top in the world. It is one of the leading tourist stops in the Caribbean and is one of the region's most developed islands, so it is no wonder that this is the island of choice for those looking to pursue legal training who want to enjoy the island lifestyle.

Barbados in Brief

Getting Your Visa For your student visa, you are going to need to talk to your local Consular Section. They will help you get set up with everything you need in order to apply for temporary residence in Barbados.

Dress Light We probably don't need to tell you that Barbados is a sub-tropical climate, and tends to be very warm and humid.

Account for Your Living Expenses Barbados could be described as modestly prosperous, so expect rent and food expenses to equal about what you would pay to live in a small, rural town in the US. Transportation will be relatively cheap given that you can walk to most places you would need to go on the island.

Local Culture Barbados borrows a lot of culture from the US and the US borrows a lot of culture from Barbados, so if you are an American, you shouldn't feel too out of place. The Caribbean really has a lot of western cultural influence. Your English should get you pretty far while you pick up the local Bajan language. The island is a melting pot of various cultures.

The Legal System in Barbados Barbados follows the British common law legal system. It has a Supreme Court of Judicature as its highest court, and under the Supreme Courts sit magistrate courts. The courts ensure due process is followed in criminal proceedings and help enforce civil rights for the people of Barbados.