The country of Iceland isn't a large one in terms of population, with only 321,000 people calling it home. It does sit on an area of more than 40,000 square miles, but only a very small portion of the Nordic Island country is inhabited. Nevertheless, Iceland has a modern culture, a thriving economy most often, and a diverse culture. If you plan to study abroad in the country, you will find that this Nordic island country is one of the most unique.

As a free-market economy, low taxes, and a moderately peaceful lifestyle, the area is ideal for individuals looking for a diverse and culturally rich area to live. Studying to become an attorney here can be a very beneficial process.

What Is the Law System in Iceland?

Iceland has four administrative regions called "farthings". The court system is further broken down into local areas. There is also a judicial body that includes 36 judges and a higher level court systems. There are appeals courts throughout the area. The law system in Iceland is very basic, and in some cases still has components of Medieval times. Nevertheless, as a modern culture, there are lawyers in the system that provide legal representation to those who are charged.