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Switzerland St. Gallen

Top Master of Laws Programs in St.Gallen in Switzerland 2019

An LLM or Master of Laws degree is an academic degree, often sought by students with undergraduate law degrees who are looking to educate themselves more thoroughly in one specific area of law study. LLM programs are research-oriented and typically last for one year.

An LLM is a postgraduate law degree that is pursued by students who want to specialize in a particular area of law. Graduates with this specialized training are often qualified to work in global legal environments.

St. Gallen is well known for their university, ranked as the top European business school. City is all under the economics and business sign as the university maintains student exchange and various committees, symposiums and seminars.

Masters of Laws (LLM) in St.Gallen in Switzerland

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St. Gallen
Study type
University of St. Gallen (HSG), School of Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences and International Affairs

The shifting balance between the state and the economy has given rise to new challenges at the intersections of law, business and government. Addressing these issues call ... [+]

The MIL offers students enormous latitude and flexibility in choosing courses from the programme’s rich and diverse curriculum to put together a degree course that meets their professional objectives and personal preferences. A distinctive feature of the MIL curriculum is the carefully arranged combination of compulsory courses and electives. Three compulsory courses ensure that students will acquire a sound general understanding of the normative and analytical framework of international law. At the same time, a wide range of electives enables them to specialize in selected topics and, if they so wish, to complement their legal education with courses from related areas such as management studies or political science. Blending law, management, and politics MIL courses allow for a great diversity of subjects, among them international and European business law, financial and capital markets law, dispute resolution, international organizations and politics and the legal profession. Students may also elect courses from related areas such as management studies and political science. They are invited to take part in international Moots and similar practical work. They benefit from numerous exchange schemes and partnership programmes. Variety of academic backgrounds Some MIL students will have earned their first degree in law or law and economics, others in fields such as international affairs, management, and economics. They all have a basic legal education. Given its specialized focus, the MIL differs from standard legal programmes intended for students that want to take the bar exam and work as attorneys in their national jurisdictions. Some law graduates might... [-]

Switzerland St. Gallen
September 2019
18 months
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