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Disciplines Instrumental

It is now widely recognized that an adequate level of preparation in the fields of English and computer science is indispensable for the training of the modern jurist. In order to provide the conditions that best favor their professional success, the Faculty of Law - Catholic of Porto requires, therefore, that its students possess a minimum degree of preparation in the domains of computer science and the English language.

At the beginning of the academic year, students who enter for the first time in the 1st semester will hold a written test of knowledge in the areas of computer science and English language. Students who present proof of at least the First Certificate of the University of Cambridge are exempt from this test . For students who have not been exempted from the written test and have not been qualified as such, the Portuguese Catholic University offers the possibility of attending courses in computer science and English language, at times and conditions to be disseminated throughout the year school

No student completes their undergraduate degree without getting approved to these requirements.

Areas of Specialization of the 4th Year

It is possible for students to attend, in the last year of the course and according to their preferences, curricular units in 3 major "areas" of Law: Private Law, Criminal Law and Public Law. The frequency will be totally flexible, in the sense that students will be able to choose the subjects of their choice, regardless of the area in which they are located.

Example of the offer in the area of Private Law:

  • Civil Contracts;
  • Introduction to Insolvency Law;
  • Labor Process;
  • Intellectual Property Law (General Part).
  • Labor Law - Collective Relations

Example of the offer in the area of Public Law:

  • Right of Public Contracts;
  • Introduction to the Financial and Fiscal System;
  • Introduction to the Tax Process.
  • US Maritime Law and Policy

Example of offer in the area of Criminal Law:

  • Legal Consequences of Crime;
  • Appeals and Enforcement of Judgments in Criminal Procedure;
  • Of the Feathers - its execution;
  • Proof of Criminal Procedure;
  • Legal Medicine.

Link to Legal Practice

The connection to the professional activity subsequent to the end of the degree is made, through the offer of disciplines that exercise forensic skills:

  • Practicum of Civil Procedure;
  • Practicum of Criminal Procedure;
  • Simulation of a Judgment before an International Court.

Also through seminars taught by professionals (lawyers, company lawyers), where knowledge resulting from the practical application, in specific domains, of legal knowledge is transmitted , namely in seminars such as:

  • Consumer Law;
  • Means of Protection in Administrative Litigation;
  • Electronic Communications Law;
  • Of the Feathers;
  • Counterfeiting and Fines;
  • Highway offenses.
    The Faculty makes it possible to carry out curricular internships (optional), which can take place at any time of the year, must have a minimum duration of 70 hours and imply the accreditation of 2.5 to 5 ECTS. The internship can be earned by the Faculty or by the student himself.

Access Conditions

Applicants must meet the following requirements cumulatively:

  • Have performed, at the Catholic University of Portugal, the prerequisite for vocational aptitude with apt result
  • Hold a secondary or legally equivalent qualification
  • Have performed at least one of the entry tests below, in 2020, 2019 or 2018:

Proof of entry 2020: 16 - Mathematics; 11 - History; 18 - Portuguese

Exams carried out in the years 2020, 2019 or 2018, which serve as proof of admission to access higher education in 2019: 635 - Mathematics A or 735 - Mathematics B; 623 - History A or 723 - History B; 639 - Portuguese

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Criado em 1978, o curso de licenciatura em Direito foi o primeiro a ser oferecido no Porto. Gradualmente, conquistou prestígio nacional e internacional, não apenas pelos seus professores e alunos, mas ... Read More

Criado em 1978, o curso de licenciatura em Direito foi o primeiro a ser oferecido no Porto. Gradualmente, conquistou prestígio nacional e internacional, não apenas pelos seus professores e alunos, mas também pelas suas iniciativas e excelentes instalações. Read less