The general objective of the program is that the student knows the legal and legal foundations of the sport.


Specific objectives:

  • Know the structural organization of sport, both public and private, its regulation. (Module I) (Cases Mallorca v UEFA
  • Become involved in the regulation of the existing relationship between athletes and clubs, their labor regime and their specificities. (Module II) (Neymar, Baena, Boateng).
  • Know the national and international regulations in disciplinary matters. (Module III) (Case Al-Masry v EFA, Zenit v UEFA, Ludogorets v UEFA, US Ouakam v FSF
  • Study of FIFA and UEFA regulations, transfers and complaints. (Module III) (Cases Neymar, Zidane, Bueno Rodríguez, Matuzalem v Shakthar
  • Study the methods of implementing Fair Play in sports, doping, prevention of fights and betting, etc ... (Module IV) (Cases Paolo Guerrero, Tin Angulo and Samir Nasri).
  • Study the alternative methods of conflict resolution, in particular international arbitration as a method for deciding disputes and appeals in the world of sport. (Module V) (Bueno Rodríguez, Matuzalem v Shakthar



The course has been developed with a balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of its contents.

Each block has a theoretical content that the student can develop via online and a practical application in the classroom, where the theoretical content is developed and consolidated with practice and the experiences of the speakers.

The student has a tutor for the course, who will assist him in the face-to-face presentations, as well as tutorials via email.



The course is planned so that it can be started several times a year.

Academic program

The course has been conceived so that the student can develop it in 12 weeks of work, with a performance of 10 hours per week with the following distribution:

  • Module I: Organization and Structure of sport.
  • Module II: Labor Law in Sport.
  • Module III: Sports, FIFA and UEFA Disciplinary Law.
  • Module IV: Compliance and Integrity.
  • Module V: Arbitration and Conflict Resolution.



Juan de Dios Crespo, Agustín Amorós, Ana Cortés, Enric Ripoll Alfonso León, Patricia Moyersoen, Joao da Rocha, Alberto Ruiz de Aguiar Kepa Larumbe and Santiago San Torcuato.

Admission requirements

The student must be over 18 years old and meet any of the following requirements:

  • Belong to a sports club.
  • Athletes or former elite athletes.
  • Have a university degree.
  • To be studying a university degree.
  • Student of one of the ESBS programs.

Students must pass an admission interview.


The evaluation system has been designed to consolidate the knowledge set as objectives in this course. The knowledge will be evaluated in two ways: with an exercise of consolidation of the basic concepts at the end of the five modules and with a practical case at the end of the course, where the student will have to put into practice everything learned, as well as assimilate it, understand it and argue it.


Once successfully passed all the academic tests of the program, the student will receive two certificates:

  1. ESBS and Fundació Valencia CF Training Center
  2. Ruiz-Huerta Office

Schedule and dates

  • Duration: 3 months.
  • Upcoming start dates: February 2019 and October 2019.
  • Seat Valencia: Friday 15:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish
Last updated December 16, 2018
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