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Ústav práva a právní vědy

Ústav práva a právní vědy

Ústav práva a právní vědy


Ústav práva a právní vědy is a Czech law and management school focused on providing managerial, professional education within educational programs MBA, BBA, LLM., DBA, MPA an MSc. The content of teaching individual programs is based on the latest andragogical knowledge in adult education and is fully adapted for very busy participants. Top lecturers then provide individual programs at a high professional level who excel in their many years of experience. The quality of our professional education programs and entire institutions are protected by prestigious accreditations and membership in international associations overseeing the quality of education.

We provide these specialized educational programs to students in a distance form in combination with effective online approaches with minimal attendance requirements. The organization of the study is very flexible, using modern e-learning tools enabling individual settings for each student.


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