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Global Master in International Sports Law

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Sep 2024

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Dive into the urban revolution with ISDE

The Master's in Real Estate, Urban Planning, Environment, and Smart Cities at ISDE stands out as the leading program for professionals seeking to impact sustainable urban development. This unique master's combines advanced theory with real practice, offered by a team of high-level professionals currently leading transformative projects in the sector. By joining this program, you will not only master the technical and legal aspects of modern urban planning but also become part of the solution to current environmental challenges. With a focus on innovation and technology, this master's prepares you to lead in the creation of smarter and more sustainable cities, providing you with the tools for a standout career in the global real estate and urban planning arena.


It is for individuals...

Innovative professionals focused on sustainability and technology for urban development. Ideal for those looking to combine legal knowledge with advanced urban planning strategies, preparing to lead transformative projects in smart and sustainable cities. It is perfect for those committed to professional development and the implementation of practical solutions to contemporary urban challenges.

Who are seeking...

To delve into urban planning, real estate, environment, and smart cities. Participants aspire to lead the transformation of urban spaces, integrating sustainability and technology. The goal is to achieve an advanced understanding of these fields, applying innovative solutions in real urban contexts. They focus on developing a versatile professional profile capable of adapting and responding to current environmental and urban challenges.

To become...

To become innovative leaders prepared to address and solve complex urban challenges, promoting sustainability and efficiency. This program is designed for those who aspire to positively influence the future of cities, through legal means, in a dynamic and constantly evolving sector.

Firms that design, lead, and deliver this training:


Transform the Cities of Tomorrow

The Master's in Real Estate, Urban Planning, Environment, and Smart Cities at ISDE merges advanced knowledge with practical applications, including collaborations with industry leaders and innovative projects. This unique program prepares professionals to lead in the transformation of urban spaces, equipping them with skills to address contemporary challenges and promote sustainable development. Graduates stand out for their ability to implement intelligent solutions in urban planning, enhancing their opportunities in a global market focused on sustainability.


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