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ISDE Law Business School Master in Entertainment Law: Audiovisual, musical, sports and entertainment industries
ISDE Law Business School

Master in Entertainment Law: Audiovisual, musical, sports and entertainment industries

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The Stage of Your Legal Career

The Master's in Entertainment Law at ISDE is an innovative program that bridges the world of law with the audiovisual, music, sports, and entertainment industries. Designed for those passionate about entertainment and with legal aspirations, this master's prepares you to tackle the unique challenges and opportunities of these dynamic and creative industries.


Work as a lawyer in the entertainment world

Students will explore the legal complexities behind the scenes, music, sports, and entertainment, gaining specialized knowledge in areas such as copyright, talent contracts, licensing, and intellectual property. This program will equip you to be a key player in the success of projects and careers in entertainment, contributing to the creation and protection of works and talents that thrill the world.

It's for individuals...

With a passion for law and a curiosity about the entertainment world, this master's is ideal for those looking to specialize in a dynamic and creative legal field. It's perfect for legal professionals who want to immerse themselves in the vibrant entertainment sector, from the audiovisual industry to the music spectacle.

Who are seeking...

To combine their legal expertise with a career in the entertainment industry. Students in this master's aspire to acquire specialized knowledge and skills in the legal complexities of entertainment, with a focus on legal advice and consultancy to companies and professionals in the sector.

To become...

Legal experts in the field of entertainment, equipped to tackle the unique challenges of the industry. This program prepares graduates for strategic roles in legal counseling, contributing to the success and protection of projects and careers in the entertainment industry.

Firms designing, leading, and delivering this training:


Become a Cutting-Edge Entertainment Lawyer

This master's is for those who dream of working at the exciting intersections of law and entertainment. We provide you with the tools to manage the legal aspects behind major productions, sports events, and artistic performances. If your passion is entertainment, and you want to be a fundamental part of its industry, this program is your bridge to that future.


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