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Our mission is to provide an outstanding legal education for an internationally based, diverse student body. While our residential JD program has been around for decades, our online Graduate Programs is one of the longest standing law school online master's programs in the world. We have been online since 2008.


Thomas Jefferson School of Law's Graduate Programs strives for the highest excellence. Thomas Jefferson is renowned for our highly-accessible, world-class faculty.


Intellectual, Distinguished, Comprehensive and Diverse Academic Program Thomas Jefferson School of Law's innovative online Graduate Programs [Master's of Law (LLM) and Master's of Science of Law (MSL)] have some of the following features:

  1. Concentrate in one of the following areas: Taxation, Financial Services and Wealth Management, or Financial Compliance and Risk Management
  2. 100% online
  3. Offered through California accredited law school, with acquiescence to all master's programs by the California Committee of Bar Examiners
  4. Available for Attorneys and non-Attorneys

There are also two (2) residential LLM programs available - LLM in American Legal Studies and LLM in Practice Skills. These programs are available to anyone who already has a JD/LLB (or equivalent) degree. They are residential at our beautiful building in downtown San Diego, CA, where you will receive personalized attention in your studies.

Students in our LLM in Practice Skills are students who just want to specialize or hone their skills in a certain facet of the law.

For those with a JD/LLB (or equivalent) degree and LLM degree, Thomas Jefferson is proud to offer a 100% online Doctorate in Judicial Science (JSD). This five (5) year program is a great addition to your legal career, helping advance you and give you an edge in furthering your career. Working with a team of attentive professors, you will research and defend a thesis paper, in the end coming away with an in-depth knowledge of a topic of your chosing. This is a highly competitive program, with transfer credits available from your LLM.

For more information, please fill out a form or contact [email protected] and we would be happy to discuss all of these programs with you further.


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