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Universidad Cooperativa De Colombia

Universidad Cooperativa De Colombia

Universidad Cooperativa De Colombia


The institutional trajectory of the Universidad Cooperativa De Colombia dates back to 1958, when a group of cooperative members, led by the brothers Henry and Rymel Serrano Uribe together with Carlos Uribe Garzón, decided to bet on the strengthening of the solidarity economy and on particularly to cooperativism, from the formation of adults within this doctrine. For this, the Moses Michael Coady Institute was created, honoring the name of the Canadian cooperative priest, a pioneer of cooperative education in his country.

We are a multicampus institution of social property, we educate people with the skills to respond to the dynamics of the world, we contribute to the construction and dissemination of knowledge, we support the competitive development of the country through its organizations and we seek to improve the quality of life of the communities, influenced by the solidarity economy that gave us origin.


  • Bogotá

    Bogotá, Colombia