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9 LLM Programs in LLBs Economic Law Studies Economic Law 2024



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LLM Programs in LLBs Economic Law Studies Economic Law

An LLM is a degree program for individuals who wish to pursue a deeper understanding of the law and obtain a career in the legal field one day. LLM programs vary in value and length and can take anywhere from one to three years to complete.

What is an LLM in Economic Law? The goal of programs that focus on economic law is to provide students with a deep understanding of how the law and legal decisions may affect the economy. “The economy” can be a business’s economy, the domestic economy or even the international economy. Courses focus on familiarizing program participants with the consequences of legal rules and the economic implications of the core branches of law, such as corporate, tort, contracts, property and competition law. During their course of study, scholars may find that many of their courses are devoted to economic analysis of the most important branches of the public and private sectors.

Graduates of this program often have many desirable attributes, such as their ability to analyze the impacts of legal decisions prior to following through with them. Students may also possess profound critical-thinking capabilities, as well as a strong understanding of local and global economies. Each of these traits can serve them well in a variety of fields.

The cost of this program varies considerably and is dependent on a number of factors, including a student’s location, the duration of the desired program and mode of education (online or in the classroom).

Graduates with a degree in economic law tend to be prepared for careers in a number of fields. Many larger corporations have a need for contract lawyers, while most civil lawsuits require the skill and knowledge of a torts law attorney. Graduates may opt to work as real estate or property lawyers, while others could be more content analyzing the competition clauses in contracts and trying to refute them.

Where an individual goes to school all depends on his or her location, schedule and budget. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.