The University of New York Tirana - UNYT was inaugurated in September 2002, having received a license from the Albanian government [Government Decree Nr. 397] on August 27th, 2004. It was founded in order to address the regional needs for an American educational system and to prepare future leaders and business executives with liberal arts and business education, a cross-cultural perspective, and a competitive spirit. Its objectives are to implement flexible and innovative practices in teaching and learning in response to the globally changing face of higher education.

The UNYT is a fascinating blend of challenge and vision, in response to the needs of a global society and era. It is for this reason why the UNYT attracts students of high ability and employs an academic staff of distinction, some recognized as international leaders in their fields.

The mission of the University of New York - Tirana (UNYT) is to offer students the opportunity to obtain a university degree at the Bachelor's or Master's level in a variety of academic and professional specializations, which will provide them the knowledge, skills, openness and confidence necessary to succeed in a diverse, international work environment, and prepare them for life as contributing, productive citizens of the global community. UNYT amalgamates liberal arts and applied, market-oriented education while retaining an emphasis on developing as a research-informed institution.

The University of New York - Tirana is committed to the intellectual, creative and personal development of its students. The university believes that the outcomes of student learning should include:

•Mastery of effective oral and written communication skills in English;
•Development of analytical, synthetic and critical thinking skills;
•Understanding of basic research methods, including the ability to locate, evaluate and synthesize information and data;
•Knowledge of Western and non-Western cultures and societies;
•Sensitivity to social issues and cultural and ethnic diversity;
•Appreciation for creative expression and culture;
•Understanding of international issues and the acquisition of a global perspective;
•Development of healthy interpersonal and social relationships;
•Understanding of the uses and limitations of modern technology;
•Mastery of the knowledge and skills applicable to a major area of study;
•Awareness of professional opportunities and understanding of professional ethics and responsibility;
•Strengthening of the values of integrity, objectivity and human understanding;
•Development of the skills and behaviors necessary to become a successful, responsible and self-directed learner;
•Instilling an appreciation of Albanian heritage and culture throughout our courses through the use of Albanian case-studies, data, and comparisons.

Programs taught in:
  • English

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University of New York - Tirana (UNYT)

This program is focused on the law and legal framework governing the international community, as well as on the major legal issues surrounding global markets. ... [+]

With the growing importance of world trade and the global community, economists, business professionals, and practicing lawyers are expected to look with accuracy and confidence beyondnational legal jurisdictions.This program is focused on the law and legal framework governing the international community, as well as on the major legal issues surrounding global markets.The Master’s Degree in International and Commercial Law (LLM) of the University of New York, Tirana, in cooperation with the University of Greenwich (UK), is a multidisciplinary program opento both practicing lawyers and other professionals of the Social Sciences, Business, and Economics.The LLM has been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of professional post-graduates from all academic backgrounds in the social sciences, including economics, business, and law.Graduates will be equipped with the skills necessary for a variety of careers in the field of International Law. On completion, graduates will be able to:• Understand the substantive legal principles in public international and corporate law;• Understand the substantive legal principles in a chosen area of study offered within the program;• Present findings and conclusions by means of an independent piece of academic research.... [-]

Albania Tirana
September 2019
14 - 30 months
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