Neapolis University in Cyprus is a young yet dynamic, fast-growing university operating since 2010 in the heart of the charming town of Paphos, on the west coast of the island of Cyprus, offering undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. programs in both Greek and English. Enrolling at Neapolis University in Cyprus enters students into a high standard, stimulating and enjoyable environment. The biggest advantage of Neapolis is the quality and dedication of its faculty, most of whom have considerable experience teaching and doing research in European and American Universities. Based on such faculty and an ambitious strategy, it is quickly becoming one of the best private universities in Cyprus.

What you are expected to do

During your time at Neapolis University in Cyprus, whether on a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral (Ph.D.), you will be expected to attend lectures and other programme-related activities and to work independently, either individually or in groups, on assignments. The Neapolis University in Cyprus places great emphasis on developing the intellectual autonomy of the students and has in place a tutorial system to help students achieve that.

Academic Calendar

The academic year of Neapolis University in Cyprus is divided into two semesters of 13 teaching weeks each. At the end of each semester, there is an assessment period in which students sit written examinations. Some courses have additional requirements in the summer.

Evaluation and Recognition

Neapolis University in Cyprus operates under the relevant law of private universities in Cyprus. The Final License has been received from the Evaluation Committee of Private Universities in Cyprus (E.A.I.P.) and the Neapolis University in Cyprus operates as a full-fledged university, having the independence of action. In October 2007 the University was registered in the Register of Universities of the Ministry of Education following a decision of the Cabinet. In June 2010 the University took the initial license of operation. The decision was made after a positive recommendation of E.A.I.P. Since 2015 the Neapolis University in Cyprus has received the final license and can operate as an autonomous university. All programs of the University are fully recognized by the Republic of Cyprus and all EU countries. The Neapolis University in Cyprus, after the submission of the request, after the thorough evaluation was recognized by the National Academic Recognition and Information Centre (NARIC) of Greece as an equivalent institution to the Greek Universities in July 2012. Please note that the programs of Architecture and Real Estate are recognized by the Professional and Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK). The postgraduate programme of the Real Estate has secured, in addition, a certification by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Corresponding recognitions exist for other courses related to professional bodies.

The Vision

The vision of Neapolis University in Cyprus is the development of people-oriented educational organization with European standards, whose members work collaboratively for the development of society through teaching, research, and social action.

The Mission

Neapolis University in Cyprus mission is to providing its students with high-quality education, create and distribute knowledge through research, contribute to the development of economic and cultural life of our society

The Values

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Cooperation
  • Innovation
  • Respect
  • Solidarity
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Neapolis University Pafos

The Bachelor of Law pioneers with useful innovations, offering comprehensive legal studies in Cyprus and Greek Law in constant contact with the judicial and lawyers’ prac ... [+]

The Bachelor of Law pioneers with useful innovations, offering comprehensive legal studies in Cyprus and Greek Law in constant contact with the judicial and lawyers’ practice.

The Bachelor of Law (LLB) of the Law School of the Neapolis University in Cyprus provides the necessary education and practical training to the students so they can make a career in the legal professions (lawyers, judges, notaries, legal counsels etc.).The Bachelor of Law is structured in a way to provide our graduates with the necessary skills for a successful career in Public and International Organisations. Teaching is provided in small groups by University Professors and Jurists distinguished in practice and legal science.... [-]

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Neapolis University Pafos