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The University of Zurich (UZH) with its 26,000 enrolled students is Switzerland's largest university. Founded in the year 1833, UZH was Europe's first university to be established by a democratic political system; today, UZH is one of the foremost universities in the German-speaking world. Made up of seven faculties covering some 100 different subject areas, the University offers a wide variety of Bachelor's, Masters and Ph.D. programs. In addition, UZH's continuing education programs offer excellent learning opportunities.

The Law Faculty

Thanks to its many years of experience the LL.M. programs provide its students an academic education at the highest level. The Law Faculty not only offers the widest range of different specializations in Switzerland but also excels with its outstanding network of renowned professors from all over the world who lecture the many programs and courses. sftj

LL.M. International Business Law of the University of Zurich

The LL.M. International Business Law of the University of Zurich offers a practice-related postgraduate course at the highest level. You have the possibility to choose to study one of the following areas of specialization in greater depth: 1. International Banking and Finance Law (offered in English on a Full-Time base and in German on a part-time base) 2. International Business Transactions and Technology Transfer (only offered in German) 3. International Litigation and Arbitration (only offered in German) 4. Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Law (only offered in German) 5. International Sports Law (offered in English on a Full-Time base and in German on a part-time base) --> The specialization section can also be attended as a certificate (CAS) course. With its carefully chosen areas of specialization, the LL.M. International Business Law meets the legal needs of a globalized business world and it ... - can be completed full-time or work-based - excels with its long experience - is characterized by its excellent network of internationally renowned lecturers - offers the widest range of specialization in Switzerland - is internationally oriented with trips to the U.S., China and the EU - offers its participants excellent support during the course of study - encourages discussion and discourse - supports exchange amongst students and faculty through intensive weekends in seminar hotels - offers participants personal guidance during the study program enjoys access to offerings at the University of Zurich - profits from the offerings of the Europa Institut at the University of Zurich.


Switzerland has a lot to offer in terms of cultural diversity, languages, stunning scenery and, of course, its people. There are approximately 8.1 million people living in Switzerland and the country has four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. Switzerland has enjoyed economic stability over the past decades. Despite Switzerland lack of natural resources and the fact that the Swiss economy is highly dependent on exports, its GDP per inhabitant is higher than in most other industrialized countries. The Swiss population, on the whole, enjoys a high standard of living and Switzerland has a strong reputation for high-quality services in many sectors including health, industry, public transport, education, etc. In the Global Competitiveness Report released by the World Economic Forum in 2015/2016, Switzerland tops the overall ranking. “Brainforce” is also highly valued in Switzerland and this is reflected by Switzerland‘s leading position on the “European Innovation Union Scoreboard 2016”. Zurich Uni1

Student Life

Studying in Zurich means living in Switzerland’s vibrant and exciting cultural capital. Far more than a business and finance center, Zurich is also known as the “little big city”. This is because Zurich offers all the benefits of city life and at the same time attractive recreation facilities on its doorstep with its stunningly beautiful lake and nearby mountains.

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LL.M. Business Transactions and Technology Transfer

Campus Part time 4 semesters Open Enrollment Switzerland Zürich

LL.M. Business Transactions and Technology Transfer [+]

The LL.M. program offers a sound further education in the design of international contracts as well as the marketing of technology through license agreements. The course participants should be enabled to independently solve problems that arise in international treaty practice and technology transfer.

The first part of the specialization course focuses on the design of international contracts. The basics include international private law issues such as choice of law, CISG and alternative forms of dispute resolution. In addition, the course addresses the hedging performance from the customer's perspective, the assurance of payment entitlements and contract enforceability in different international contexts. An overview of the measures that enable companies of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations are also essential. The module Technology Transfer first explains how technology is protected by patent, copyright, design, trademark and know-how protection. In the second part of this module the focus is on the commercialization of technology through licensing agreements. The LL.M. International Business Transactions and Technology Transfer focuses on the aspects of Swiss, European, American, and International Law. The student should be able to solve the problems independently that arise in international contract practice and technology transfer.... [-]

LL.M. International Banking, Finance and Insurance Law

Campus Full time Part time 1 - 2 years February 2019 Switzerland Zürich + 1 more

LL.M. International Banking, Finance and Insurance Law [+]

Do new financial & insurance regulations lead to a greater transparency and reduction of risk in order to make financial systems more stable and better regulated? Do they make the global markets safer? How can new capital and bank structure rules strengthen the resilience to another financial crises and to provide greater consumer protection?

Switzerland, being attractive for both domestic and foreign companies seeking capital, is one of the world's leading financial centers and is characterized by its innovative ability, stability and security. Due to the high density of international and local financial service providers, companies from other industries have access to a sophisticated and liquid capital market, as well as state-of-the-art financial infrastructure. ... [-]

LL.M. International Business Law

Campus Full time Part time 2 - 4 semesters February 2019 Switzerland Zürich + 1 more

LL.M. International Business Law [+]

For 20 years the LL.M. International Business Law has offered a unique and valuable experience to law graduates from around the world wishing to pursue an executive LL.M. program. With almost 200 years of experience, the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich is known worldwide for the excellence of its faculty and its legal education programs. The school’s location, Zurich, is the economic capital and most vibrant city of Switzerland and is situated in the heart of Europe which allows students to easily discover other European countries and enjoy Switzerland’s spectacular environment.

Among the advantages that graduate students find at the University of Zurich are the opportunity to pursue a broad course of study, and the possibility to explore their areas of interest in the Specialization Courses. Students will benefit from our executive LL.M. program specially designed and developed for lawyers working in an international field.... [-]

LL.M. International Sports Law

Campus Full time Part time 2 - 4 semesters February 2019 Switzerland Zürich + 1 more

LL.M. International Sports Law [+]

How do sporting organizations tackle the current challenges of doping, illegal betting, gaming manipulation and corruption? What are the biggest challenges of sports events, sports contract law and the resolution of sports-related disputes and arbitration?

Switzerland is home to the most important sports organizations. Within that setting Zurich University – known worldwide for the excellence of its faculty and its legal education programs – is offering an LL.M. in International Sports Law.

The program provides economic and legal insight into sports organizations and analyzes how they operate and integrate on a national and international level. An international team of lecturers ensures that course subject matter is not limited to national issues but encompasses a growing body of international business law.... [-]

LL.M. Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Law

Campus Part time 4 semesters August 2019 Switzerland Zürich

LL.M. Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Law [+]

Ziel dieses LL.M.-Studienganges ist es, die notwendigen theoretischen und praktischen Kenntnisse zu erlernen, um M&A-Prozesse erfolgreich durchführen zu können. Weiter sollen die Studierenden befähigt werden, die anforderungsreichen rechtlichen, wirtschaftlichen und steuerlichen Probleme von M&A-Transaktionen zu analysieren und zu bewältigen.

Das erste Modul konzentriert sich auf die Grundlagen von M&A-Transaktionen, die denkbaren Strategien und das Management von Deals. Ebenso stehen Unternehmensbewertungen und ihre Bilanzierung im Zentrum. Das zweite Modul setzt sich mit den rechtlichen Aspekten von M&A-Prozessen auseinander. Neben börsenrechtlichen Fragen stehen das Recht des Unternehmenskaufs, das Übernahmerecht und die Finanzierung von Übernahmen im Fokus.... [-]


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