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A Community of Students and Scholars

The University of New Hampshire School of Law is an intimate, innovative law school, committed to developing students who enjoy challenging dialogue from the first moments of orientation, embrace practice-based learning, and stand ready to join the ranks of alumni who are global leaders in intellectual property, general practice, public interest and social justice, and commerce and technology.

Our Legal Residency program allows students to work in their fields of interest for up to a full semester while receiving credit and our Daniel Webster Scholar program is the only practice-based bar exam alternative in the nation. Our location in Concord, New Hampshire’s capital, and our status as the state’s only law school offer numerous pro bono, externship, and Federal Work Study experiences too. UNH Law constantly updates its technology and programs to ensure that graduates are prepared to practice today’s law.

Our faculty consists of practitioners experienced in their fields of interest. The small student/faculty ratio promotes collaboration and collegiality. Since its founding in 1973, Franklin Pierce Law Center, now the University of New Hampshire School of Law, has been a global leader in innovative legal education. Our focus areas help you shape your future practice: Intellectual Property boasts the largest full-time faculty in the field and our IP library is the largest in the nation; Commerce and Technology includes a razor edge focus on e-Law; while public interest and social justice trains students in the delivery of legal services to all people from all walks of life.

Students study in a close-knit, cooperative environment. The curriculum emphasizes an intensive, practice-based approach involving many opportunities for hands-on learning. Our extensive alumni network throughout the United States and around the globe provides limitless options for graduates seeking employment.

Accredited by the American Bar Association, UNH Law is located in Concord, New Hampshire, home to the state's legislature, state offices, as well as local, state and U.S. federal courts. Concord is just an hour's drive from Boston, and we are located less than an hour from mountains, lakes and the Atlantic Ocean.



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